“Only Pick One” trusts us

“Only Pick One” has always liked to compare things and they know a lot of you out there like to do the same. They wanted to make this a general site about brands, products and whatever else that has competition. Everything with competition gives the consumer a better idea of what’s out there. They want you to help them determine which is better in a head to head match-up. Although the results should fall into a 50-50 ratio, there is always some wiggle room out there.

This is a fun way of looking at things whether you are purchasing something or plan to try something new. There is nothing wrong with picking either one in a head to head throw down. Most of the items on there are well known or have a big following of some kind.

Their site is for entertainment purposes only. Although they cover a lot of different brands and companies, they are an independent site trying to find out how people feel about each match-up. Results will vary and informed decisions may need more research.

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