eCommerce solutions

One primary component of most business websites is an eCommerce option, whereby businesses can directly sell through their sites. Globally, eCommerce is booming and is projected to grow to 1.7 trillion USD by 2020.

Multiple products and service-based companies set up different kinds of eCommerce solutions, including the following:


Businesses can sell online courses through their sites, including access to white papers and ebooks, options to purchase a certificate, fees for giving online exams and options to unlock access to premium videos and lectures.

Product catalogues

Businesses selling products ranging from books and jewellery to automobiles and electronics can have product catalogues through which users can browse to select the right products, add them to a shopping cart, move to check-out and pay by the payment method of their choice.

Customisable products

If a business allows users to customise their products, such as T-shirts, mugs, collectables or clothing, it can include web pages where users can select the colour, fabric, design, printed message etc. and submit the same, following which they pay as per the cost of the final customised product.

Subscription services

Businesses that want users to subscribe to a software application, a newsletter, a resource library or a periodic product supply (groceries, cosmetics, medicines etc.) on a paid basis can include different subscription options (basic, premium, deluxe etc.) that users can select for different time periods (one month, six months, one year etc.) and pay accordingly.

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