Hosting & Support Plans

After development hosting and support packages either per usage or monthly subscription

  • Per Usage
  • Monthly Subscription
Usage Item Pricing
Basic Subscription
1000 Hits
1 Support Ticket
500 MB Storage
100 Database (DB) Storage
Copyright Removal


$10 / month
  • Domain Name
  • 5 Support Tickets
  • 5000 Hits
  • 100 MB Storage
  • 10 MB DB Storage


$35 / month
  • Domain Name
  • 20 Support Tickets
  • 35000 Hits
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 100 MB DB Storage


$50 / month
  • Domain Name
  • 30 Support Tickets
  • 50000 Hits
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 200 MB DB Storage
  • Copyright Removal

Our Hosting Server Features


Low latency with increased number of concurrency connections speeding up your website overall performance

SSL Secure

Secured HTTPS communication to protect from eavesdropping and impriove your SEO for higher search results ranking


Powered by NGINX® Caching, our hosted websites serves a lot faster improving the visitors experience and websites ranking

Core Updates

We always update our WordPress Core code and plugins which help fix all issues and adding new features

Hosted in Germany

Our servers are in data centers in Germany operated with experienced professionals and 24/7 monitoring and support

SSD Storage

SSD Storage for lowest latency and faster response and higher availability improving webites speed and performance

Frequent Backups

We frequently do automated backups both for databases and files storing them locally and on the cloud for satefy

Linux Servers

Powered by Linux® operating system the highest performing OS for servers is our number one choice for best quality and stability

Automated Process

We automate every process that can be automated to prevent any human errors and ensure nothing is missed or pass-by

Common Questions

Can I transfer from Per-Usage to a Monthly Subscription plan and vice versa?

Sure, you can interchange between Per-Usage and Monthly Subscription once every 3 months from your last mode change request or when you start hosting with us. There will be a small processing fee of $10 for mode change each time you request it.


Can I interchange between monthly subscription plans?

Sure, you can interchange between monthly subscription for free on your renewal day of the subsequent month.


Can I transfer my existing website to your hosting servers?

Sure, we would be happy to transfer your website to our servers as long as your website is a WordPress-based one. There will be a processing fee starting from $50 for website transfer depending on the complexity of your website. If you are a current or past client we have developed your website that needs to be transferred, we will transfer your website for free.


What is a support ticket?

If you need help with your website to do a simple task like creating a page, uploading an images, changing a settings, …etc which is a limited small single task this will need to consume a (1) support ticket which might increase for bigger tasks. Issues related to the hosting servers are always free.


Can I increase my subscription plan limits?

Sure, you can. After you surpass your limits you can opt-in to be charged for extra resources on a Per-Usage mode. So you pay extra only on the things that you really used.

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