SaaS Projects

SaaS, or software-as-a-service, is a method of accessing and managing centrally hosted software over the Internet, as and when the user requires it, with payment made on a usage basis. SaaS allows users a large degree of freedom to customise and use according to their requirements, along with adequate space to store whatever files are uploaded and created during the course of work. Email services like Outlook or Yahoo! Mail are simple forms of SaaS oriented towards personal email use. Some examples of more complex SaaS projects for organisational use are as follows:

This is an open SaaS project, wherein users can create websites, host them and customise as they please while remaining under the hosting by WordPress that controls the overall capabilities and functionalities of the site

Microsoft Office 365

This offers users the full suite of Microsoft Office applications. Users can create and edit content from any device using these applications, and also connect and collaborate with other users on work

Google Drive

This is a document storage system that permits the instant sharing of documents, media and other files that are stored on the cloud, thus reducing the necessity for bulky email attachments and permitting anyone to edit and add content instantly


This is another SaaS solution for storing, changing and sharing documents. Any changes to a user’s Dropbox repository reflect automatically on all devices, and the user can invite others to view and modify files as well


This is a business communication enabler that allows users to collaborate on group chats, share files and engage in personal chats as well. All shared documents can be edited and reviewed by those with access to it, and chat records are automatically archived for future reference


This customer management tool is often regarded as the archetypal SaaS solution and offers businesses a convenient way to keep all customer data on a single platform that users with the right authority can access and modify at any time

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