Arab Translators trusts us

The swimmer is not skilled in swimming until after a long time, and so the translator does not master the translation only after practising enough exercise. Therefore, Arab Translatorsoffersr this to all those who wish to practice translation and gain the necessary expertise in this art, as there is hardly anyway but the actual practice of translation to collect this experience.

The idea of the site is summarized in the establishment of “mini-workshops” in which each workshop is presented with a short text (about one page). Those wishing to participate in the workshop should translate this text. Once the participant presents his/her translation, he/she will be presented with the proposed model translation and the translations of other participants will be shown to him/her, and then he/she can compare his/her translation with all these translations. After the workshop supervisor is briefed on the participants ‘translations, he/she will write an essay or record an audio lecture on the participants’ translations of the presentation, analysis, correction and revision. In the meantime, each participant can ask a question or inquiry about the text of the workshop, comment on the translations of other participants, answer a question if he/she can participate in a discussion of the text of the workshop. The members of the workshop exchange views and knowledge as if they are in a real classroom.

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