Builtin Insurance trusts us

The Builtin team are specialists in helping building professionals manage risk, for both themselves and their clients.

Builtin was formed in 2006 by Jim & Keryl Rickard and works exclusively with builders and other trade professionals. This means they understand your industry and know the risks you face and the cover you need.

Having worked with builders as a broker for many years Jim was frustrated with by the lack of liability policies that would properly protect builders from some of the situations they most commonly found themselves in. Indeed, at that time most liability policies deliberately excluded many events that would commonly arise for builders. So, he set about changing that. Jim approached CBL Insurance (then known as Contractors Bonding) and they agreed to underwrite a policy that was tailored for builders. This was highly successful and more policies followed, including errors & omissions indemnity and a payment guarantee for subcontractors.

Their customers love being with a company that understands their business and can answer their questions, and they began asking if they could do their other insurance with us too. They listened and our expanded offering now includes tools and vehicle insurance and other speciality products for builders & tradies.

Builtin was the first to:

  • Introduce faulty workmanship cover
  • Extend cover to the property being worked on
  • Allow tradespeople to extend their public liability insurance to cover professional advice & services
  • Make errors & omissions indemnity insurance available to builders & trade professionals
  • Provide simple payment guarantee cover for subcontractors
    offer an independently insured 10-year guarantee for residential building work

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