From our portfolio work for:

ICO Price Modelling Web App

The application is designed for you to be able to pick any Cryptocurrency from a list by typing into a box, that has a real-time suggestion of the matching coins as you type in a drop-down. This tool is designed to tell you the potential price of a Cryptocurrency if the market cap was the same as another coin.

For example, let’s say we selected XVG (Verge) and to the right another box like the other one that you can type in to select another coin and let’s say ETH (Ethereum). Now that ETH is selected in the price modelling section, it will give us the potential price per coin of XVG if it had the market cap of ETH.

We were commissioned to build the web app to fetch the data from a public API and show them in a user-friendly way. The app was built using AngularJS for the UI.

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