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Moniem-Tech Blog

Professional blog for Mohamed Abdel Monem who received his B.S. degree from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Communication and Electronics Department in 2010. From graduation to 2012.

He worked as a Research Assistant at his faculty and participated in creating a software tool to optimize Vodafone Egypt 3G radio networks. Since 2013 to present, he works as a Radio Optimization Senior Engineer at Vodafone Egypt, where his focus is Radio Planning and Optimization of a 2G/3G/4G networks to improve network KPIs and solve quality problems.

We were commissioned to build the full blog with all its features using WordPress and a customized child-theme with responsive design. Some of the features integrated into the blog development:

  • Blog Posts with SEO support
  • Points rewards for visitors on actions using MyCRED
  • Ask section to all visitors to ask the blog owner
  • Mail Subscription for blog updates
  • Events calendar
  • Daily Tweets on-site
  • Visitors sign-up and profile
  • Posts Notification on publish
  • GDPR improvements
  • HTTP/2 and Nginx Caching on server

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